About Us


We at Divine Hair and Cosmetic want to offer our customers a variety of hair and cosmetics products at your convenience. We are aiming to be your one stop shop for all your beauty needs! We have gained experience operation front line store supplying: hair and beauty products. This gave us the opportunity to have firsthand communication with our customers, thus gain firsthand knowledge and experience about customers’ needs, wants and satisfaction. We are excited to offer human and synthetic hair, cosmetic products, ladies’ purses, clutches, and accessories. We also carry men’s wigs, hair care, face, and body products.

Our hopes at Divine Hair and Cosmetics are to offer you more choices as our company grows.

We highly value our customers and will provide you with prompt and efficient service. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority!

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please email us. We are happy that you have taken the time to visit our website.

You are appreciated. God Bless you!

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